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How will you interest them?

A good quote or powerful image might be useful here. After an attention grabbing beginning, be clear about what follows by giving an overview in your introduction.

How will you keep them interested?

Be loud and clear. Normal voice is not enough when you are giving a presentation. You need to turn up the volume and make sure the diction is clear by speaking more slowly. This is something you need to practise as it won’t come naturally. Make sure that you give eye-contact and not only with your tutor. A useful tip is to pick out three or four friendly looking people in different parts of the audience and engage them in turn.

Don’t speak in a monotone – variety in tone will keep the audience’s attention. Check their understanding and watch for signs of confusion: repeat a point if necessary.

How do I fight nervousness?

Being thoroughly prepared should make you less nervous. Always practise presentations so that you pick up any problems and edit to fit the time. The AST will usually be happy to listen or you can practise in front of fellow students, flat mates, your mum or the mirror, but it is crucial to practise if you want to do well. Deep breathing before you present clears your head and calms you down – try it. Remember that people want you to do well and nobody is perfect. If you make a mistake don’t dwell on it just concentrate on getting your main ideas across and if at all possible - smile!

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