Academic Skills

Oral Presentation Preparation

Preparing for a presentation is very similar to preparing for an essay. You need to do the research, critical thinking and form an argument. You need to make relevant notes and do a plan. Once you have researched and understood the topic, you need to organise your material to suit the situation

What do you need to know?

Brainstorm and then research your topic thoroughly

What do you need to show?

Think about using visual aids. You might be using PowerPoint for your presentation but don’t get carried away with technology (see here). If you’ve never used PowerPoint and want to, go to

Quite simple visual aids can be effective if you’ve thought them through. If you are not using PowerPoint, make sure that your notes are easy to use. Numbered cards with small amounts of material are better than A4 sheets as this slows you down and steers you away from simply reading with your head down.

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