Academic Skills

Submitting your work

As a student in the School of Music, Humanities and Media you will be required to submit the bulk of your assessment work electronically. The reason we ask you to do this is because it provides significant benefits both to you and to us. These include:

  • all your assessment work is automatically logged as having been submitted;
  • you receive an electronic ‘proof of receipt’ that you can use to prove your work has been submitted;
  • your assessment work is automatically backed up and securely stored;
  • your work will automatically undergo plagiarism checking using TurnitinUK software.

The only work that you will not be required to submit electronically is work which is unsuitable for this kind of submission. This will include such things as in-class presentations, performances, handwritten journals, portfolios in a variety of media etc. The module handbook will give you details of which, if any, of your assignments are not to be submitted electronically. If you have to hand in work manually, you will be given details at the time but you can contact administration staff in OA5/04 if you need help.

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