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Errata in the 2015/16 Bärenreiter edition

Op. 78 

Edited violin part: Vivace ma non troppo: bar 108: an editorial up-bow is missing on the 2nd note. Adagio: bar 71: an editorial up-bow is missing on the 4th note 

Op. 99 

Score: p. 20, cello part; Urtext and edited cello parts p. 6: Allegro passionato: bar 54 note 5 should be c natural, not c sharp. 

Op. 108 

Performing Practice Commentary/Hinweise zu Aufführungspraxis:
pp. IX/XXX Schultze-Biesantz/Kähler metronome mark, for I. Allegro, 60 (not 72)
Edited violin part: Allegro bar 131: the fingering 4 should be marked above the third note (c) and the fingering above the 4th note (b flat) deleted. Bar 155 : the erroneous 1 above the 2nd note should be deleted 

Op. 120 Edition for Violin

Score: p. 2, bar 50 piano r.h. note 4 should have no flat sign (it is still B double flat).

Score p. 40, bar 173 piano l.h. The chord has erroneously been printed the same as in the clarinet/viola version. It should be whole note E/E1.