University of Leeds



Der neue Weg zur Beherrschung der gesamten Violinliteratur

Editor: Ossip Schnirlin

The work is partly a technical study and partly a collection of difficult or important passages from standard violin solo and chamber works, provided by Schnirlin with bowing and fingering. It was originally planned in two parts: 1. Sololiteratur (solo works) and 2. Kammermusik (chamber music), and the first part was published in 1921. The second volume: Kammermusik ohne Klavier (chamber music without piano), appeared in 1923, by which time the scheme had been expanded to a projected five volumes, the last two of which, to have contained passages from the second violin and viola parts of chamber music with and without piano, were never published. The third volume: Kammermusik mit Klavier (chamber music with piano) was published in 1925. By that stage the plan for volumes four anf five seems to have been abandoned, for they are no longer mentioned in the prefatory matter.