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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart » String Quintet in G minor » Hermann, Friedrich - Peters

Hermann's edition is carefully marked with slurs and articulation, and occasionally with bowing signs. Fingering is very infrequent, being largely confined to alerting the (?amateur) player to changes of position that are necessary to execute a passage conveniently. Some of the few fingerings he provides, however, seem to be for expressive purposes, indicating the tone colour of a single string, or the use of portamento. These occur, for instance, in the 1st violin part at b. 23 in the Menuett and 6 bars after N in the Adagio ma non troppo, and in the 2nd violin part towards the end of the Menuetto. In other places where a change of position is assumed during legato passages portamento was undoubtedly also envisaged by Hermann, as his treatment of position changing in his Violinschule  suggests. 


Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Work String Quintet in G minor
Title Quintett
Publisher Peters
City Leipzig
Date 1882 ±2 years [Source: plate number comparison]
Publication Number
Instrumentation String Quintet (221) – 2 Violins · 2 Violas · 1 Cello
Partly Recomposed No


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