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Louis Spohr » Duets for two violins » David, Ferdinand - Peters

This copy is part of a bound volume of violin duets from the Uppingham Collection, currently held in the Brotherton Special Collections, University of Leeds. It is the original Peters edition with printed performance markings by the composer. Unlike other items in the volume, it contains no identifiable manuscript markings by Ferdinand David.  Some MS annotation in pencil, blue, and orange crayon appear to be by Paul David.


Composer Louis Spohr
Work Duets for two violins
Title Trois Duos Concertans
Publisher Peters
City Leipzig
Date 1824 ±1 years [Source: plate number comparison]
Publication Number
Instrumentation Violin Duo – 2 Violins
Partly Recomposed No


Part Plate No. Medium Annotations Musical Text(s)
Violin 1 1853 Printed Printed & Manuscript
Violin 2 1853 Printed Printed