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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart » Piano and wind quartet » Alard, Jean Delphin; Franchomme, Auguste - Heugel et Cie

One of the series edited by Alard, Franchommme, and DiƩmer, the Ecole classique concertante.

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Work Piano and wind quartet
Title 3me quatuor
Publisher Heugel et Cie
City Paris
Date 1868 ±2 years [Source: plate number comparison]
Publication Number
Instrumentation Piano Quartet – 1 Violin · 1 Viola · 1 Cello · 1 Others (Piano)
Partly Recomposed No


Part Plate No. Medium Annotations Musical Text(s)
Title page H4446 Printed
Vl H4446 Printed Printed
Vla H4446 Printed Printed
Vlc H4446 Printed Printed