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Louis Spohr » Violin Concerto no. 9 in D minor » Spohr, Louis - Haslinger/Cocks & Co

Spohr's Violinschule, originally published by Haslinger in 1833 was translated into a number of languages. The first English translation, by John Bishop (reproduced here), was issued by Cocks in 1843. In Part Three, dealing with style of performance, Spohr included the complete violin part (accompanied by a second violin for the teacher) of two concertos: Rode's 7th in A minor and his own 9th in D minor. In the former he provided verbal descriptions of performing practices; in his own concerto he gave only the fingering and vibrato markings. The version in the Violinschule constitutes a revision of the original publication of 1820 as can be seen through comparison with Ferdinand David's personal copy of the the first edition on this website. It is this revised version that provides the text for the other, later editions in this collection.


Composer Louis Spohr
Work Violin Concerto no. 9 in D minor
Title Concerto
Publisher Haslinger/Cocks & Co
Date 1833
Publication Number
Instrumentation Solo Violin – 1 Violin
Partly Recomposed No


Part Plate No. Medium Annotations Musical Text(s)
Violin Printed Printed