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Franz Schubert » Piano Trios » David, Ferdinand - C. F. Peters

This edition was re-engraved by Peters in about 1887 (plate number 7127), without any alterations to David's annotations and continued for a while to be marketed as edited by David (see title page). At a later date, however, substantial changes were made to the plates numbered 7127, which were then issued with a new title page as a 'Neu revidierte Ausgabe' [new revised edition]. The changes made in this revision probably reflect not merely the personal preferences of the anonymous editor, but also changing styles of violin playing at the beginning of the 20th century. One notable difference is the abandonment of David's slurred staccato execution of semiquavers in the first movement of op. 99.

[C. B.]

Composer Franz Schubert
Work Piano Trios
Title Trios
Publisher C. F. Peters
City Leipzig
Date 1868 ±1 years [Source: plate number comparison]
Publication Number
Instrumentation Piano Trio – 1 Violin · 1 Cello · 1 Others (Piano)
Partly Recomposed No


Part Plate No. Medium Annotations Musical Text(s)
Vl 4775 (op. 99) Printed Printed
Vl 4775 (op. 100) Printed Printed
Vlc 4775 (op. 99) Printed Printed
Vlc 4775 (op. 100) Printed Printed