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Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy » String Quartet no. 5 in E flat major » Hellmesberger Quartet, The - Universal

The edition based on the parts of the Hellmesberger Quartet contains detailed bowing but no fingering.

Composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Work String Quartet no. 5 in E flat major
Title Strichquartett Es Dur
Publisher Universal
City Vienna
Date 1902 ±1 years [Source: plate number comparison]
Publication Number 850
Instrumentation String Quartet – 2 Violins · 1 Viola · 1 Cello
Partly Recomposed No


Part Plate No. Medium Annotations Musical Text(s)
Vl1 850 Printed Printed
Vl2 850 Printed Printed
Vla 850 Printed Printed
Vlc 850 Printed Printed
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