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Johann Sebastian Bach » Solo Sonatas and Partitas » David, Ferdinand - Kistner

The Sonatas and Partitas are all given here as 'Sonaten'. Published in 3 volumes:

  • Vol. 1, pl. 1385: BWV 1001 Sonata in G minor; BWV 1002 Partita in B minor
  • Vol. 2, pl. 1386: BWV 1003 Sonata in A minor: BWV 1004 Partita in D minor
  • Vol. 3, pl. 1387: BWV 1005 Sonata in C major; BWV 1006 Partita in E major

The title page states (in German): 'For those who want to mark up this work themselves, the original text, which is taken with the greatest exactitude from the composer's original manuscript, is added in small notes' (my translation). This 'original manuscript' cannot, however, have been Bach's autograph; it was either a copy by Anna Magdalena Bach, or one by an unknown copyist, both of which were obtained by the Royal Library in Berlin in 1841 from the estate of the Hamburg music teacher and Bach collector Pölchau. At that time and for many years afterwards they were both believed to be autograph. The autograph itself was only recognised towards the end of the nineteenth century and was still in private hands when it was used as the basis for the edition by Joseph Joachim and Andreas Moser that was published in 1908.

[C. B.]

Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Work Solo Sonatas and Partitas
Title Sechs Sonaten
Publisher Kistner
City Leipzig
Date 1843 (July) [Source: Hofmeister - September 1843]
Publication Number 1385
Instrumentation Solo Violin – 1 Violin
Partly Recomposed No


Part Plate No. Medium Annotations Musical Text(s)
Title page 1385 Printed
Violin 1385 (BWV 1001) Printed Printed
Violin 1385 (BWV 1002) Printed Printed
Violin 1386 (BWV 1003) Printed Printed
Violin 1386 (BWV 1004) Printed Printed
Violin 1387 (BWV 1005) Printed Printed
Violin 1387 (BWV 1006) Printed Printed