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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart » String Quartet in A major » Hellmesberger Quartet, The; Nowotny, Carl - Universal

Title page for the whole volume reads:

"Herausgegeben mit Ben├╝tzung der Stimmen des Hellmesberger-Quartetts und der darin vorgezeichneten Stricharten und sonstigen Vortragzeichen, wie sie von den Quartett-Vereinigungen Georg und Josef Hellmesberger Sen. und Jun. angewendet wurden. Neue, revidierte ausgabe von Carl Nowotny."

[Published with the use of the parts belonging to the Hellmesberger Quartet and the bowings and other performance markings included in them, as they were used by the quartet associations of Georg, Joseph senior and Joseph junior. Newly revised edition by Carl Nowotny.]

The Hellmesberger Quartet was founded in 1849 by Joseph Hellmesberger senior, when he took over the first violin position in a quartet originally founded by Leopold Jansa in 1845. It remained a feature of Viennese musical life until the end of the century. The reference in the preface to the Universal Edition to his father Georg 1800-1873, or perhaps his brother of the same name (1830-1852), is puzzling, because neither seem to have played in the quartet. Georg sen. did, however, play first violin in a quartet formed in the 1830s with Leopold Jansa as second violin.

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Work String Quartet in A major
Title Quartett
Publisher Universal
City Vienna
Date 1903 ±1 years [Source: plate number comparison]
Publication Number 435
Instrumentation String Quartet – 2 Violins · 1 Viola · 1 Cello
Partly Recomposed No


Part Plate No. Medium Annotations Musical Text(s)
Cello U.E.77 Printed Printed
Viola U.E.77 Printed Printed
Violin 1 U.E.77 Printed Printed
Violin 2 U.E.77 Printed Printed