University of Leeds



Editor: Henri Marteau

b. Reims, 31.3.1874 d. Lichtenberg, 3.10.1934

Teachers: Camillo Sivori, Hubert Léonard, Jules Garcin

Associates: Raoul Pugno, Reger (Marteau promoted Reger's music, and was the dedicatee of Reger's concerto op. 101), Stenhammar.

Professional appointments:

  • 1900 Violin teacher at Geneva Consevatory,
  • 1908-1914 Violin Professor at Berlin Hochschule (in succession to Joachim, though Flesch claims he succeeded Wirth [Memoirs, p. 89])
  • 1915-1920 Second Conductor of the Göteborg Orchestra
  • 1920-1926 Teacher at Prague German Academy of Music and Drama
  • 1926-8 Teacher in Leipzig and Dresden.

Pupils: Florizel van Reuter, L. V. Laar, Robert Pollak. (Flesch severely criticised Marteau as a teacher: 'In this capacity he was untalented and negligent, unable to combine technical instruction with musical and psychological influence.[...] Almost without exceptions, his pupils got stuck at the stage of average mediocrity'. Flesch, Memoirs (London, 1957), p. 92)

String Quartet in Geneva with E. Reymond, W. Pahnke, A. Rehberg.



Title Composer Work Publisher Publication No. Date
24 Matinees in Etudenform Gaviniés, Pierre Violin Solo Steingräber 0 View
40 etuden Kreutzer, Rodolphe Etuden (40) Steingräber 1675 1909 View
Concert for violin in E major Bach, Johann Sebastian Violin Concerto no 2 in E major Steingräber 1816 1910 View
Concerto for violin Beethoven, Ludwig van Violin Concerto Steingräber 1909 View
Concerto in D minor Wieniawski, Henri Violin Concerto no. 02 in D minor C. F. Peters 3296 0 View
Concerto in E flat Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Violin Concerto in E flat major C. F. Peters 2193b 1910 View
Concerto in G Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Violin Concerto in G major C. F. Peters 2193d 1909 View
Deux Mazurkas caractéristiques Wieniawski, Henri Deux Mazurkas caractéristiques Peters 1910 View
Fantaisie-Caprice Vieuxtemps, Henri François Joseph Fantasie-Caprice Steingräber 1912 View
Konzert Berwald, F. Violin Concerto Jul. Heinr. Zimmerman 1911 View
Konzert Nr.9 Spohr, Louis Violin Concerto no. 9 in D minor Steingräber 1913 View
Legende Wieniawski, Henri Legende Peters 1910 View
Mazurkas characteristiques Wieniawski, Henri Violin duo C. F. Peters 3294 0 View
Piano trio in D minor Arensky, Anton Stepanovich Piano Trio Anton J. Benjamin Elite Edition 248 1927 View
Romance in F Beethoven, Ludwig van Romance in F major Steingräber 1925 View
Romance in G Beethoven, Ludwig van Romance in G major Steingräber 1925 View
Rondo Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Violin Concerto Suddeutscher Musikverlag 0 View
Rondo Schubert, Franz Rondo in A major Süddeutscher Musikverlag 1905 View
Scherzo-tarantelle Wieniawski, Henri Violin duo C. F. Peters 3292 0 View
Sonata La Follia Corelli, Arcangelo Violin Sonata 'Follia' Schott 1542 1930 View
Sonaten und Partiten Bach, Johann Sebastian Solo Sonatas and Partitas Steingräber 1922 View
Viertes Konzert [Concerto in D K218] Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Violin Concerto in D major Peters 2193c 1910 View
Violin Concerto Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Violin Concerto in E minor Steingräber 1910 View