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  • 1

    David and Grützmacher both rewrite Bach original pattern here (notes 7 and 8 should read b-d). David's bowing pattern is different - Grützmacher uses a pattern of 3 slurred + 1 separate, with no other articulation marks.

  • 2

    David and Grützmacher agree on this crescendo to the forte in the next line.

  • 3

    Bach: d#-f#-d#-f#-a-f#-a-f#

  • 4

    Bach: A-c#-e-g-a-c#'-d'-c#'

  • 5

    David's bowing puts a Π on the A string, the normal bariolage pattern on the violin; Grützmacher also uses this bowing, where the normal bowing on the cello uses V.