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    'All the trills in this movement are to be played without a turn'

    But this was not universal. Joachim is said to have played the trill both ways.

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    'Very tranquil and equal'. This instruction by Singer may be seen as an instruction to the player not to employ the usual inequality (giving greater emphasis and length to the more significant (metrical or melodic) notes in a passage of nominally equal notes. The unequal style of playing was clearly still prevalent at the end of the 19th century, as attested by Karl Klingler (see Clive Brown 'Reading between the lines: the notation and performance of Mozart's chamber music with keyboard' in Mozart's chamber music with keyboard ed. M. Harlow (Cambridge, CUP, 2012, p. 242).

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    As in others of the sonatas, Singer indicates a 'Luft Pausa' between a crescendo and subito piano.