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  • 1

    Tucking-in slurs added.

  • 2

    Lines added.

  • 3

    Changing to the D string for the repeated phrase.

  • 4

    Mendelssohn: each bar under one slur. Grützmacher removes the slurs and adds lines, presumably here meaning tenuto.

  • 5

    Grützmacher uses this marking extensively in this sonata, and it occurs frequently in his other editions and arrangements. Here it clarifies that portamento is required, whereas the fingering on its own need not imply it.

  • 6

    Compare Cossmann here. Though still moving up and down the C string, Grützmacher's fingering shortens the shifts by using the 4th finger where Cossmann uses the 2nd.

  • 7

    The open string here and two bars later gives clarity; it may also have a visual effect.