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Franz Schubert » String Quartets (David)

David's edition of Schubert's String quartets was issued in two volumes with the plate number 4671. These are listed in Hofmeister in June 1871 with the title Quatuors. The title page was later redesigned with German title Quartette. A reprint of David's edition was issued in the 1880s with the plate number 7246. This edition was subsequently revised by Carl Herrmann and continued to be available well into the twentieth century.


Opus No: op. 29 [D. 804] ; op. 125/1 [D. 87] ; op. 125/2 [D. 353] ; op. posth., D minor [D. 810] ; op. 161 [D. 887] ; op. 168 [D. 112] ; op. posth., G minor [D. 173] ; op. posth., D major [D. 94] ; op. posth., C minor [D. 703]

Editor(s) Title Publisher Publication No. Year
David, Ferdinand Quatuors C. F. Peters 1871 View