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Luigi Boccherini » String Quintet in C major

This is not an original Boccherini Quintet, but, as the title page states, it has been put together by Lauterbach from several quintets by the composer. This is one of Lauterbach's few editions that were not made for Pohle. The fingerings in the violin parts (there are none in the viola) are much more basic and there is no use of the special mode of marking extensions that Lauterbach employed in his Pohle editions. The soloistic first cello part has more fingering, but it is not clear that these are Lauterbach's; indeed, since it is not known that he played the cello, it is very unlikely. There are no fingerings in the second cello part. No cello playing editor is credited in the edition.


Opus No:

Editor(s) Title Publisher Publication No. Year
Lauterbach, Johann Quintett Peters 1886 View