About Digital Victorians

Digital Victorians is a second year module on the BA History course at the University of Huddersfield taught by Prof. Paul Ward. In 2014-15 Allegra Hartley, an English Literature PhD student, also taught on the module. Martin Hewitt taught on it in 2014 and 2015. PhD students in History have contributed enormously to the module, including Nicole Harding, Shabina Aslam and Robert Piggott. The module is driven by our research interests and our belief that teaching at university should look out into communities to find their histories.

The module provides a survey of the major themes of social, political and cultural development in Victorian Britain and its Empire and it explores the key landmarks in Victorian history; asking a series of historiographical questions about the period.

Most importantly, though, it introduces students to the major digitized primary sources for the nineteenth century and teaches them to use digital means for research, analysis and dissemination of their historical work.

This website presents the students’ textual and visual work in a digital format.

This website was created and designed by Nicole Harding. Paul Ward is now Professor of Public History and Community Heritage at Edge Hill University.

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