God and the Problem of Evil

Religion can be a risky topic to discuss, because ultimately, you may be offending someone’s views and beliefs.
So what better than to centre my podcast on God and the Problem of Evil, a nice, light debate for you all to listen to as soon as you get up this morning. 

Please give my podcast a listen and let me know your opinions on the subject!

Written by: 
Rebecca Farrar


Well.... I've always been an atheist, and never been fully able to wrap my head around the whole idea of a "man in the sky" business; but if there is such a man then I completely agree with you. If our "so-called god" is here to love and protect us, then he isn't doing a good job about it, considering all the natural disasters, horrible wars and life-claiming diseases that our world suffers from everyday, as well as all the hatred some people carry in them.
There is the idea on the other hand, that god sends all these troubles to test us and make us stronger?... rubbish!
I personally believe that there is no such man, and we live in a world of evil created by our own, and unfortunately we have got to get on with it.
Great podcast though! Definitely gets you thinking.

I believe in god as I was brought up as a catholic. When you're in distress or feeling sad its nice to think maybe there is a god out there listening to you and willing to help you.

There's too much pain and sorrow in the world all due to the free of mankind if there was a god he wouldn't allow this for his children

I dont believe in god and dont follow a religion its all science

I dont believe in god and dont follow a religion its all science

Agree totally if there was a so called God why has my family and so many others suffered such loss and pain ...but saying that will always say a prayer in times of need just because when times are bad you will try anything

I think this is one of the most difficult arguments, especially as a catholic witnessing so much evil in the world. However, I also think its important to consider all the good things that happen in life for example; miracles - who do you believe created them?

I agree with your points, I can't understand how an omnibenevolent God could allow such evil in the world?

I do believe in God but don't believe he created evil,God gave man a choice to follow good or evil but I do also believe there is more good than evil in the wodld.

I'm not sure if I believe or not. But agree with some of the points in the video

I do believe in a lot of stuff what you are saying, I do believe in god but I don't believe that everything what happens in the world is right but you can't blame it all on God! They are nasty people in this world who do stuff which is wrong that isn't gods fault and how can he stop this? :) xxx

God exists, but think about a bit like when David Attenborough is filming they don't interfere with the animals a little interference can have widespread consequences so I think got did create us but evil was already there and he had given us the tools but evil (the devil if you like ) will always try to interfere hence the bad things

Great little podcast! It'd take too long to fully explain my thoughts on this issue, but I find it incredible that anybody can pray to a deity who they believe will help them to win that football game, or get that promotion, when he won't even lift a finger to save a starving child. According to the Bible though, God is actually far worse than other evils of this world. No genocide compares to the drowning of a world because of a 'sin' which he caused in the first place. Luckily, it's a moot point because like the other thousands of such'omnipotent overlords'through history, he is a work of fiction, created by man to keep order in a time when we needed, but couldn't comprehend fully, answers to the mysteries of life. Loved the podcast and I'd like to hear more! The idea of interviewing people was good, and it's always interesting to see how vague people's reasoning can be on this issue, almost like they'd prefer not to have too think about it....

Personally, I do believe in God and I completely understand where you're coming from. I even catch myself sometimes wondering about how God could possibly allow so much death, destruction and unease in this world. I've always been led to believe that there's always a reason for what we witness in this world and it could be argued or construed as being a lesson/test for us. I think within all religions, this life is portrayed as a test to see whether we make it to the great beyond in the afterlife - now, I believe for everything bad in this world and everything that plagues us both personally and as a whole for humanity - it's all a test of strength and patience. I was always taught to be thankful for everything I was blessed with growing up, so I think despite all the bad in the world - this is supposed to show us the good, and we shouldn't allow this to affect our characters and beliefs.. we should always be the best people we can be no matter what life throws at us or whatever we witness. Its just a test of strength and perseverance and patience? We can't let the world make us sour.. I hope. I just hope we stay hopeful in humanity as we have done in the past! Loved this podcast, very quirky, interesting and a good argument! 

Growing up as a catholic attending a catholic high school I have always been taught that god does exist. Although their is so much evil in this world, I personally believe that it isn't the fault of god. I also believe that although their is evil and people suffer that an afterlife exists, in which is comforting. A very interesting podcast, i've enjoyed listening!



This is a tricky one. The idea of a an almighty being just doesn't seem real to me. However, the thought of having a heaven for the people we have lost is very comforting, and i'm sure i speak for a lot of people here. There cant be just an earth, surely! Then on the other hand, like you mentioned theres terrorism that we have to think of too! How can a God who is supposed to love us all do such terrible things? to test us? Its a horrible test if that's the case. So many lives ruined and destroyed forever. Some say its to teach us to love one another but then you think of natural disasters? Things we have absolutely no control over at all! How is that fair?

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