Academic Skills

Time Management

Which of these apply to you?
1 I am good at managing my own work and don't need any reminders about where I should be up to, or how much time is left. Just leave me to it.
2 I am quite good at organising my own work, but would still appreciate some interim deadlines and reminders from time to time.
3 Time management can be a real problem for me. I tend to leave work till the last minute and can only get going when a deadline is looming fast.
4 I think that I work best under pressure but I'm sometimes disappointed with the results.
5 I plan really well. It’s sticking to it that’s the problem. Why do all my friends have birthdays to coincide with deadlines?
6 I tend to put off what I don’t like: I read a lot but find it hard to start writing.
If any but No.1 rings a bell with you, then it might be worth looking at some of the resources listed. In the meantime, get a diary/wallchart/calendar and think about really managing your time.

One certainty is that everything will take longer than you think. If you feel that time management may be a general problem for you then visit: time management skills or time management pdf and work through the materials there.

These materials are aimed at getting you to recognise and accept where you might improve, but to do that you need to recognise firstly where you are now.

If you don't think that is for you (or you can't afford the time to do this so thoroughly), then visit time management plan for a 30 minute tutorial which introduces some key concepts of managing time in producing assignments.

When you have an assignment to do, for a really useful site which allows you to enter real time deadlines and gives you step by step guidance, try: assignment survival kit.

Other Resources:
You could also try the Pomodoro Technique:

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