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Johannes Brahms » Piano Quintet in F minor » Bachelet, Alfred - Durand & fils

Although Bachelet is named as editor, it is unclear who provided the bowing and fingering in the string parts or the fingering in the piano part (which is available online from IMSLP).

Composer Johannes Brahms
Work Piano Quintet in F minor
Title Quintette en fa mineur
Publisher Durand & fils
City Paris
Date 1929 [Source: edition]
Publication Number D & F 11634
Instrumentation Piano quintet – 2 Violins · 1 Viola · 1 Cello · 1 Others
Partly Recomposed No


Part Plate No. Medium Annotations Musical Text(s)
Title page 11634 Printed
Vl 1 11634 Printed Printed
Vl 2 11634 Printed Printed
Vla 11634 Printed Printed
Vlc 11634 Printed Printed