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Editor: Robert Emil Bockmühl


Title Composer Work Publisher Publication No. Date
Concerto Beethoven, Ludwig van Violin Concerto Schuberth 1703 1865 View
Etudes classiques Bockmühl, Robert Emil Etudes classiques André 7795 1856 View
Romance Beethoven, Ludwig van Romance in G major Schuberth 1703 1877 View
Romance Beethoven, Ludwig van Romance in F major Schuberth 1703 1877 View

Etudes classiques

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The collection comprises a number of extracts from cello sonatas and other chamber works, by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, and Cherubini. This appears to be the first collection of this type. It is chiefly of interest for his fingerings, which make extensive use of the thumb, and sometimes introduce surprising string-crossings. There are almost no expressive fingerings, except for the octave same-finger shift in the first movement of Beethoven's sonata op. 69 - among the editions so far identified, this fingering is unique to Bockmühl. Note also his marking sur la chanterelle (the French word for the A string on the cello) in the slow movement of Mozart's A major quartet. Bockmühl's normal practice here would be to use the thumb; this marking stresses the melodic character of the phrase.

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