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  • 1

    Fingered 3 0 in 4899.

  • 2

    Fingered 3 2 in 4899.

  • 3

    Not in 4899.

  • 4

    No upper slur on i-iv, but slur over v-ix replaces slur over ii-ix. The bowing here makes it more convenient to get back to the point of the bow for the festes staccato and matches the bowing in the following occurrences of the figure.

  • 5

    Not in 4899.

  • 6

    Not in 4899.

  • 7

    Not in 4899. See previous note.

  • 8

    This bowing makes it clear that the staccato quavers at the beginning of st. 8/bb. 2 and 6 were envisaged as being played martelé near the point of the bow, with the three under the slur played somewhat more broadly to achieve the crescendo and moving sufficiently down the bow (but probably not far) to produce a sf down bow.

  • 9

    Down-bow sign, partly obscured by pencil marking, not in 4899.

  • 10

    The slur on the semiquaver run, ending on the last note of the bar in 4899, has been extended to the c''' here.

  • 11

    Not in 4899.

  • 12

    Not in 4899.

  • 13

    David's bowing in these bars indicates that he expected the semiquavers to be played with a very economical bow and kept un the upper half until the final notes of the crescendo.