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    This and the down-bow sign on the next line, although in pencil, may possibly be David's, they are a similar size and shape as his other down-bow markings (see p. 3).

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    In 4899b, there is a Π and no o. The first of David's blue crayon markings in this copy is to emphasise the V; it was typical of him to duplicate printed markings in crayon, perhaps because of deteriorating eyesight in later years.

  • 3

    There is no o in 4899b. Here and in the following bars David typically breaks up long slurs into smaller units.

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    Ferdinand David's revised printed markings and his additional crayon markings in this sonata provide a fascinating example of his propensity constantly to revisit and revise his approach to repertoire that he regularly performed. He played the Kreutzer Sonata throughout his career. It is reported that he and Mendelssohn performed it from memory together, yet he was clearly still modifying his approach to it more than twenty years later.

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    Not in 4899b.

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    Not in 4899b.

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    Not in 4899b.

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    Not in 4899.

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    Not in 4899.

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    The printed Π and V signs are not in 4899b. They were all deleted by David here in connection with the change of slurring in the 2 bars following the fermata, to facilitate the arrival at a down bow in preparation for the slurred staccato execution in the 6th to 8th bars. In 4899b slurred staccato was printed only in the last bar of this passage.