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Ferdinand David » Die hohe Schule des Violinspiels Werke berühmter Meister des 17ten. u. 18ten. Jahrhunderts

Die hohe Schule is a collection of twenty works for violin, as listed below. Each work is available individually under its composer. The entire work is available here in David's personal, extensively annotated copy (from the Uppingham Collection). Each item was published separately, and then as a single collection.

The Uppingham volume seem to have been compiled from individual copies of each piece (probably after the music came into the possession of Paul David), since there are a number of places where Ferdinand David's manuscript annotations in the margins have been cropped during binding. David evidently used these copies for his own performances. In No. 6, Leclair's Sonata in G major, for instance, David wrote 'Umwender' (page turner) on p. 6, at the beginning of the Largo, and also the date '29 Oct. 1870' when we know that he performed the Largo and Chaconne in a Gewandhaus chamber concert. The volume also contains a significant number of annotations by his son Paul, which are, for the most part, easily distinguishable from those of his father.

I have marked and commented on interesting aspects of David's annotations in the text using red boxes. These appear only in the versions presented below as individual items. A copy of the whole volume without the red boxes can be accessed here.

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  1. Biber, Sonata in C minor;
  2. Corelli, La Follia;
  3. Porpora, Sonata;
  4. Vivaldi, Sonata;
  5. Leclair, Sonata Le tombeau;
  6. Leclair, Sonata in G;
  7. Nardini, Sonata in D;
  8. Veracini, Sonata in E minor;
  9. Bach, Sonata in E minor;
  10. Bach, Sonata in C minor;
  11. Handel, Sonata in A;
  12. Tartini, Sonata in D;
  13. Vitali, Ciaccona;
  14. Locatelli, Sonata in G;
  15. Geminiani, Sonata in C minor;
  16. Anon, Sonata in A minor;
  17. Anon, Sonata in E flat;
  18. Anon, Sonata in C minor;
  19. Caprices by Benda, Mestrino and Stamitz;
  20. Mozart, solo movements from the Haffner-Serenade

Nos. 1-15 of the Hohe Schule were also edited by Friedrich Hermann (Peters, c.1901); his arrangement for viola was published by Breitkopf in 1899. Henri Petri's revision appeared at the same time.

Opus No:

Editor(s) Title Publisher Publication No. Year
David, Ferdinand Die hohe Schule Breitkopf & Härtel 1867 View
Hermann, Friedrich Die hohe Schule des Violinspiels (Band I) Peters 1901 View
Petri, Henri Die hohe Schule des Violinspiels (Band 2) Breitkopf & Härtel VA1993 1902 View