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Johannes Brahms » Piano Quartet no. 1 in G minor

Carl Schroeder's editions of Brahms's Piano Quartets show a curious reversal of the usual practice of editors of chamber music for string instruments, who were normally violinists and often left the cello parts without fingering. In this case the editor, Carl Schroeder, was a cellist and evidently did not collaborate with a violinist; thus the violin and viola parts contain bowing but no fingering, while the cello part is not only bowed but also quite extensively fingered. 

Ossip Schnirlin's editions of the Piano Quartets contain bowing and other performance markings, including fingering, in all three string parts, though no separate musician is named for providing the fingering in the cello part. In these Simrock editions the piano parts also contain fingering and pedal markings. These were provided by Robert Kahn. Kahn does not seem to have contributed to other aspects of the editing process, and his name does not appear on the title pages; his role is acknowledged in the Preface and on the first page of the piano part.

C. B.

Opus No: op. 25

Editor(s) Title Publisher Publication No. Year
Schnirlin, Ossip Erstes Klaivier-Quartett g moll Simrock Edition Simrock no. 792 1927 View
Schroeder, Carl Piano Quartet Augener 5112 1900 View