Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grist?

Grist is meal produced for grinding. Grist is the good stuff left when you remove the chaff. Grist is a new writing initiative to promote emerging poets and short fiction writers.

How does it do that?

There are two biannual competitions plus special occasion competitions. These are international and open to all. Winners are awarded with money and publication opportunities.

So what?

Ok, there are other competitions out there that promise the same but the Grist books we publish are given out free to all Higher Education institutions that teach Creative Writing and all municipal libraries in the country. This makes what we do unique and means you as a writer are getting a better chance to reach the reader. We also send a select number of copies out to agents and publishers so we are really providing a fantastic service to emerging scribes.

What sort of writing are you interested in?

Anything that is fresh and distinctive. It has to grab our attention from the first line and sustain it till the final line. You must be aware of the craft of Creative Writing. If you don’t know your show from your tell, it’s not for you!

Sounds interesting, how do I get more information?

Simple. Go to our website here: competitions page. The latest Grist competition details will be posted up there. Grist has been endorsed by Helen Simpson, Patrick Stewart, Simon Armitage, Ian McMillan, John Boyn and Lemn Sissay. It is also supported by The University of Huddersfield. There is no other new writing initiative that does more to promote emerging writers.

You can also ‘like’ us on Facebook here to be updated with many more competitions and writing opportunities:

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