CAM2/14 Interactive Studio

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The Interactive Studio is a flexible space used for the design and development of new music interfaces and software for both performance and composition. The studio is also used for Games Music design and can also be used for high quality stereo and 5.1 listening.

Equipment includes:

- 24" iMac

- Yamaha 01V desk

-- RME Fireface 800 interface

- Calibrated 2 x Genelec 1027A

- Calibrated 5 x Genelec 8040s with sub

- A selection of DAWs (Logic, Ableton Live) and plugins (Altiverb XL, Flux, NI Komplete, etc.) Max, Max for Live

- An large selection of Custom and commercial MIDI/OSC controllers inc. Monome, P5 Glove, Hot Hand USB, Kinect, WiiMote, QuNeo, Leap Motion, Phantom Omni etc.

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