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Ludwig van Beethoven » Violin Concerto

Nineteenth-century editions of Beethoven's Violin Concerto fall broadly into two strands, those that derive from the Ferdinand David-Joseph Joachim tradition and those that are independent of it. The former is by far the most pervasive and has left its mark even in such recent editions as David Oistrakh's for Breitkopf und Hartel; the latter includes Baillot, Vieuxtemps, Dont and Hellmesberger, whose editions differ significantly from the former, especially in matters of bowing. The 1828 Richault edition with markings that can confidently be attributed to Baillot represents an approach that precedes David's. Those of Vieuxtemps and Dont and Joseph Hellmesberger jr, though later than David's, come from violinists with strong Viennese connections. Vieuxtemps first played the concerto in 1834, apparently advised by some of Beethoven's friends, Dont's edition includes a preface claiming that it reflects the teaching of his father who, as first cellist, played in 'many' performances under Beethoven's direction from the premier onwards, while Hellmesberger was the scion of a long established violinist dynasty in Vienna. These connections are examined further in the prefatory notes to those editions on this website.

For further discussion of the textual problems of Beethoven's Violin Concerto and specific issues of performing practice see the critical edition by Clive Brown (Breitkopf und Hartel, 2012).

See also: two extracts (click here and here) included in Ossip Schnirlin's Der Neue Weg (1921). 

The edition by Robert Bockmühl is an arrangement for cello.

Opus No: op. 61

Editor(s) Title Publisher Publication No. Year
Auer, Leopold Concerto Carl Fischer 1917 View
Baillot, Pierre Concerto Richault 1828 View
Bockmühl, Robert Emil Concerto Schuberth 1703 1865 View
Dancla, Charles Concert Schott 1890 View
David, Ferdinand Concert Haslinger 4022 1827 View
David, Ferdinand Concerto Breitkopf & Härtel 1865 View
Dont, Jacob Concerto Carl Schlesinger 32 1880 View
Dukas, Paul Concerto de Violon Durant 1916 View
David, Ferdinand; Eibenschütz, Albert Konzert Breitkopf & Härtel 1886 View
Flesch, Carl Concerto C. F. Peters 189 1915 View
Hellmesberger, Josef Concert August Cranz 200 1901 View
Hubay, Jenö Concerto Rosznyai Karoly 1918 View
Joachim, Joseph Concert Simrock 1905 View
Dessauer, Heinrich; Joachim, Joseph Concerto Schott 1897 View
Lauterbach, Johann Concert op. 61 Pohle 1890 View
Marteau, Henri Concerto for violin Steingräber 1909 View
Nadaud, Edouard Concert Costallat 1935 View
Parent, Armand Concerto op. 61 Maurice Senart 1921 View
Prill, Carl Violin concert Universal UE310 1902 View
Sauret, Emile Concerto Schott 1915 View
Schradieck, Henry Concerto G. Schirmer 233 1895 View
Schultze-Biesantz, Clemens Concert Litolff 2421 1909 View
Meyer, Waldemar; Schwalm, Robert concerto for violin and pianoforte Steingräber 1184 1900 View
Sitt, Hans Concert Eulenburg 1898 View
Vieuxtemps, Henri Concert Schuberth 1566 1869 View
Wilhelmj, August Concert C. F. Peters 189a 1883 View